Buchanan’s Jordan Leveque Completes Historic Feat In Track-And-Field

Buchanan High senior Jordan Leveque has accomplished an unusual feat in track-and-field. The versatile athlete showed off her skills at the league championships on May 4 when she earned first place in four events: the 100, 200, 4×100 relay and pole vault.

In the following interview, Leveque talked about the incredible achievement she had at the TRAC championships and her overall journey as a Buchanan student-athlete.


1. You took the TRAC title in the 100, 200, relay and pole vault. How difficult is it to have that kind of achievement and how were you able to get it done?

Being able to compete in and win four events at the TRAC championships feels absolutely amazing. Winning four events in a championship meet like that is pretty rare. I was extremely exhausted after but it was so worth it. Having to run back and forth between events with minimal rest is really hard, especially with a field event involved. I ran all three events before I had to regroup and win the pole vault. I’ve been training hard and I got pretty fast, which was not something I was expecting coming into the season. I never would have thought that I would be capable of scoring 40 points for my team.

2) I heard you’re one of the most selfless athletes on the team, usually thinking about the team points instead of your own records. Can you describe how you’re able to help the team with your selfless approach?

Going into the postseason, I always have a “for the team” mentality. That is what our team is about and our coaches tell us that every day. I try to put aside the part of me that wants to save all my energy for pole vault, because it’s not always about getting a PR, it’s about scoring points and helping my team in as many ways possible, and that’s what I did. Scoring points for my team and knowing that I contributed is more rewarding than any PR could ever be.

3) What are the things you enjoy about being a member of the track-and-field team at Buchanan?

Being a part of the Buchanan track team is like none other. The coaches are amazing. I would not be where I am today without our head coach, Coach Weaver and our pole vault coach, Coach Paramo. My teammates are my best friends. Every day I wake up and look forward to going to practice. Everyone is so encouraging. The energy is always high, we make the workouts fun, and we are all like a big family.

4) What are some other moments from this season that standout for you?

Aside from winning TRAC, some other amazing moments in the season were: breaking my own school record in the pole vault and a PR at 13’6”, and finally breaking 12 in the 100m.

5) What are your goals for the rest of the season?

As the state meet gets closer, pole vault is my main focus. I’m set up to take 2nd in the state meet right now, but anything can happen. Winning has always been a dream of mine. The 100m was never in the picture before this year, but you never know, I might be running in the state meet as well.

Cover Photo: Jimmy Su/ PrepCalTrack

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