McLane’s Football Team Embarks On Trip To Hume Lake

“We are all dead tired and have to do eight obstacles including rowing a boat blind folded and carrying a teammate up a hill.”


The McLane High School football team recently returned from a unique adventure that produced unforgettable memories and key lessons. Many of the Highlanders’ players and coaches that took part in the trip to Hume Lake Sports Camp last month said the adventure was a tremendous opportunity to strengthen the team bond and to help them mature as individuals.

Head coach Andrew Pancotti said the main objectives of the trip were “team building, problem solving and overcoming adversity/ hurdles together.”

Tj McMillan, one of the student-athletes who made the trip, said the lessons they learned at the camp will translate to the football field.

“It shows if we all work together and stay together we’re the best we’ll ever be,” McMillan said. “Nobody can do it on their own and communication is always key on and off the field.”

The team took part in several activities designed to improve their unity and mental strength.

“On Sunday morning we are all dead tired and have to do eight obstacles including rowing a boat blind folded and carrying a teammate up a hill,” McMillan said. “You are competing against the other teams at camp trying to be the first one to finish all eight obstacles. It was cool because we won and all the boys jumped in to the freezing lake.”

Demetrius Simon said he enjoyed activities such as paintball and zip-lining while also taking away vital life lessons from the camp.

“A key lesson I learned from Hume Lake was that always look someone in the eye when they’re talking to you,” Simon said. “Something I learned from my teammate was that to not worry what other people say when you lead your team.”

Other activities at the camp included 7-on-7 football games and a shadow boxing tournament.

“The trip contributed to what we do in the field in a few ways because it was some activities where we faced adversity and on the field that happens a lot and also most activities were things we had to do as a team,” Da’Zir Newhouse said.

One of the images from the trip shows the players carrying Pancotti on their shoulders after he won one of the competitions.

Ultimately, the trip was an opportunity for the players and coaches to learn and appreciate some new details about each other.

“It was a few of my teammates that barely talk finally talk and get out the comfort zone and also created new bonds with freshmen that played JV,” Noah Zamora said.

The players also gained a greater appreciation for their coaches during the trip.

“I learned that my assistant coaches — Coach Savoy, Coach Ware, Coach Simmons, Coach Louie( my dad) Coach Tomeli truly care about our boys and the development of their character,” McMillan said. “We built lifelong memories and relationships.”

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