North beats South 2-1 in Lindsay All-Star game

Just to be selected to coach such a great group of girls is awesome. It’s so much fun to have so many talented girls. They’re great people and they made it a great experience. I knew a lot of the girls, probably about half of them. It was really fun to have kids that I coached in the past. It was fun to see them in this environment. Ultimately we’re trying to win the game, but as much as you want to coach the team, you don’t want to over coach a group of All-Stars. They were chosen for a reason. They have individual brilliance and they’re great in the team setting. You want to let them have fun with it, but it’s also competitive. I told them we’re not coming here just to kick it around. We’re coming here to win a game and we need to act like it.

– Larry Hinz, Edison head coach/ North All-Stars coach. 

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